The Evaluation of Hepatitis C Virus Core Antigen in Immunized Balb/C Mice


avatar Elham Torbati 1 , avatar Mojgan Bandehpour ORCID 2 , * , avatar Parviz Pakzad 1 , avatar Nariman Mosaffa 1 , avatar Ameneh Koochaki 1 , avatar Bahram Kazemi 1

Microbiology Department, Islamic Azad University, north Tehran Branch, IR Iran
1) Cellular and Molecular Research Center. 2) Biotechnology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, [email protected], IR Iran

how to cite: Torbati E, Bandehpour M, Pakzad P, Mosaffa N, Koochaki A, et al. The Evaluation of Hepatitis C Virus Core Antigen in Immunized Balb/C Mice. Hepat Mon.12(6): 391-397. doi: 10.5812/hepatmon.6141.


Background: Hepatitis infection represents one of the important causes of morbidity and mortality in developing countries, however there is not any effective vaccine against hepatitis C which is one of the significant problems in vaccine project.
Objectives: The aim of the present study is to evaluate the role of HCV core protein in inducing IFN-Gamma secretion and TCL activities as a vaccine in Balb/C mice.
Material and Methods: Our previous cloned plasmid (HCV Core gene into pETDuet-1) applied for protein expression in bacteria. The expressed and purified recombinant protein together with Freund’s adjuvant was injected to 15 Balb/c mice. The total IgG and IgG2a of immunized mice sera were evaluated after a week. Two weeks after booster injection, we studied the proliferation and IFNγ secretion of spleens, inguinal and popliteal lymph nodes lymphocytes by ELISA and ELISPOT.
Results: The FSFC (Frequency of spot forming cells) of secreting cells of immunized mice with HCV/Core protein and sera IgG2a were considerably higher than the control groups.
Conclusions: The core protein together with proper adjuvant can be a candidate vaccine against of HCV infection.

Implication for health policy/practice/research/medical education:
This study has implication for further researches and vaccine development and it is also useful for medical researchers and education specially immunologists.
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Torbati E, Bandehpour M, Pakzad P, Mosaffa N, Kazemi B. The Evaluation of Hepatitis C Virus Core Antigen in Immunized Balb/C Mice. Hepat Mon. 2012;12(6): 391-397. DOI: 10.5812/hepatmon.6141

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