Face Amendment Using Pectoralis Major Myocutaneos Flap: A Case Report


avatar Alireza Rezaei 1 , *


how to cite: Rezaei A. Face Amendment Using Pectoralis Major Myocutaneos Flap: A Case Report. J Kermanshah Univ Med Sci. 2008;12(1):e80134.


Introduction: The pectoralis major flap is the best flap for head and neck defects. This flap has both a vascular pedicle and some disadvantages such as deformity, needing tunneling, clavicular f.x and shortening after the tunneling.
Case Presentation: The patient was a 56 years old man with large face defect from child hood. The patient had two surgical failures in her history. External pectoralis major flap, was used since the patient  had large defect with far distance between donor and recipient site.
Conclusion: Pectoralis major flap was cut after 3 weeks and it continues its work with no problem, so this technique is a new method for large and more distant defects. This method has a little morbidity with excellent cosmetic result.


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