One of our journals (Middle East Journal of Rehabilitation and Health , is indexed in Scopus. This is for announcement to our editors and authors.

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Title: Middle East Journal of Rehabilitation and Health 
ISSN / E-ISSN: / 2423-4451 

The title mentioned above has been evaluated for inclusion in Scopus by the Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB). The review of this title is now complete and the CSAB has advised that the title will be accepted for inclusion in Scopus. For your information, the reviewer comments are copied below: 

Thank you for submitting this journal for possible inclusion in Scopus . There are a growing number of citations in Scopus journals . There are some excellent resources and guides across the journal policies and the journal is a member of COPE . Publishing Ethics statement and policies meets the overall criteria expected .The journal has increased number of issues per year. It is noted that the journal is an international one and there are some papers from other countries published. The Editorial Board has three members but their presence overall and authors from those countries is not very visible . There may be room for growth in enhancing publications from these countries in the future and also increasing international presence on the Board with a similar outcome.  

These are additional comments from the overall evaluation process: 

+ The journal consistently includes articles that are scientifically sound and relevant to an international academic or professional audience in this field. 
+ The journal has scholarly relevance as evidenced by citations in other journals currently covered by Scopus. 
+ The abstracts are generally clear and provide an excellent summary of each article’s content. 
+ The abstracts are in keeping with Scopus English Language requirements. 
+ In general, the content of the articles is consistent with the scope and aims of the journal. 
+ The articles are generally well written and understandable. 
+ developing citations and citedness of some papers ; 
+ Single blind peer review as employed by the journal is standard practice for the journal’s subject area. 
+ Both single and Open Review possible with very well explained guide for both modes of review 

Our Source Collection Management department will contact the publisher of this title within the next three months to initiate the indexing process for Scopus. A content coverage agreement needs to be in place before we can start adding the content to If you are the publisher, please do not send us your content yet unless requested by our Source Collection Management department 

Yours sincerely, 

Scopus Title Evaluation Support

Conflict of Interest:

We publish this news because of educational purposes.

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