NeoSuggest is a tool for recycling a rejected manuscript in Kowsar journals. Using this tool, we suggest a new journal to the authors. In case of author's agreement, they will be able to re-submit their manuscript to the new journal by just One click.

Background and Aims:

The most challenging point for a researcher is finding the best and most suitable place for the publishing of his/her results. Submitting in a journal is a time-consuming job that costs lots of energy and time for an author. We, in Kowsar, found the best solution for saving your time. Using a unique and integrated journal management system, we are able to transfer one submission to the best place.

  • NeoSuggest is a combination of two words including "NeoScriber" (journal management system) and "Suggestion". This is a new service provided by Kowsar in all journals which helps authors to select and find the best destination for their articles. 

In case of "rejection" of an article in a journal, Kowsar suggests other suitable and proper journals to the author automatically and authors are able to transfer their submission by one click to another sister journal in Kowsar.


  1. Assist Authors to find the best journal for publication

  2. Save time and energy



NeoSuggest in Kowsar Journals


How to do?

It is very easy to do. NeoSuggest is designed to help manuscripts find the right journal faster by transferring a rejected article to more suitable sister journals. A sister journal is a journal in the same field of publishing which has an official agreement with the source journal. This process will be done only by one click: "Accept NeoSuggestion" by the corresponding author.

The instructions for article transfer were very clear and easy to follow. The whole process became very easy as a result and no need to do more action or prepare from the author's side.

  1. Accept the agreement to transfer using "NeoSuggest" which is sent to you in the rejection letter or by clicking in the "Transfer" button after EIC decision. 
  2. Select the journal of your choice from a list of journals, and your submission will be transferred automatically.
  3. Finalize your submission in the new journal (destination).

By accepting terms of "NeoSuggestion", your article will be transferred to the defined journal and another EIC will judge your article another time.

The whole process is confidential for the new editor in chief and your information as well as the history of this action will be confidentially secured.

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    Simin Mouodi says:
    06 Jun, 2020
    I accept terms of "NeoSuggestion", our article will be transferred to the SHIRAZ E-MEDICAL JOURNAL and another EIC will judge our article another time with title((Does digoxin have anesthetic and analgesic effects? A review of the literature)) Best regard Simin Mouodi


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    Amri Parvizsays:
    06 Jun, 2020
    I accepting terms of "NeoSuggestion", our article will be transferred to the SHIRAZ E-MEDICAL JOURNAL and another EIC will judge your article another time. Best regard Amri Parviz and simin Moudi


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