Kowsar rejects any publication produced by third illegal parties active in writing & selling thesis and articles. We strongly recommend our editors to avoid accepting such these illegal publications.

Writing a thesis, as the final certificate of graduation, and a consequent article is one of the hardest action to fulfill the requirements of a university degree graduation. Due to little attention of professors to teaching the students how to research and how to present the research results in any formats, Iranian students face a lot of problems and lack of time regarding the thesis preparation and article writing, therefore they have to preserve a lot of pressure and stress, or ask for help from illegal underground groups or semi-companies and ask some unprofessional writers to write their thesis and/or articles.

Recently and based on the in-depth investigations, we have detected some cases of authorship manipulation and ethical malpractices made by a specific group of people who have entered to our journal management system illegally and altered some authors and article texts. To follow this unauthorized access to article data and data manipulation, we opened a legal case in the official court of Tehran, Iran (place of accused people). According to the primary documents including IPs of illegal accesses and emails sent to real authors, it was crystal clear that who is responsible and the accused people who are active in illegal groups for writing articles and theses were become known for us.

Using this warning, we officially request all authors, researchers, students, and respected professors:

  1. Do not refer to those illegal groups of article writing and do not pay any fee to them. Due to rules by the ministry of health and medical education, no one is allowed to write any pieces of scientific outcome without enough research and/or by the name of other people.
  2. Do not send the text of your articles to any companies or individuals which have not authorized for translation, even if you completely TRUST them in person.

In order to stop such entrances happen again, we strongly recommend our editor in chiefs to:

  1. Do not accept any authorship changes after submitting a manuscript either in the review process or in any steps of the publishing process.
  2. Check and control the authors’ contribution section of all articles.
  3. Check plagiarism in 2 different steps: early submission and just before final publishing.

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Conflict of Interest:

Kowsar rejects any publication produced by third illegal parties active in writing & selling thesis and articles.

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