Prevalence of cutaneous tuberculosis in Zahedan


avatar M Banihashemi 1 , * , avatar Masoud Salehi 2

Dermatology dept, Faculty of medicine, Zahedan University of Medical Sciences and health services, Zahedan, Iran.
Tropical and infectious disease dept, Faculty of medicine, Zahedan University of Medical Sciences and health services, Zahedan, Iran.

how to cite: Banihashemi M, Salehi M. Prevalence of cutaneous tuberculosis in Zahedan. Zahedan J Res Med Sci. 2003;5(3):e95170.


Tuberculosis is infectious disease, of which pulmonary tuberculosis is the most
common type. Cutaneous tuberculosis is an extra pulmonary type of the disease,
that the last decade with the development of pulmonary and extra pulmonary
tuberculosis, the incidence of cutaneous tuberculosis has been increasingly as well.
This research is a retrospective study, which was done on a group of patients with
cutaneous tuberculosis who have been treated in Zahedan health centers.
Studying the files of the patients with tuberculosis the patients with cutaneous
tuberculosis were separated and the necessary information was transformed to the
data forms and then these data were analyzed using S.P.S.S.
In this study 1740 cases records were evaluated, of those 400 patients had extra
pulmonary tuberculosis, and 24 patients (%6) had cutaneous tuberculosis who had been
treated. The disease was observed mostly among people with the age between 20-29
years .The disease was more common in female than in male .The youngest patient was 5
years old and the oldest patient was a 48-year-old person. The disease was more
observed in patients with B.CG vaccination and also more incidents in Iranian than in
Afghanies .All patients had the type of lupus vulgaris and only one patient had lupus
vulgaris after BCG vaccination.
The incidcnce cutaneous tuberculosis is higher in Zahedan than other parts of Iran.
The most common type of disease was lupus vulgaris that is comparable with other
Therefore to control and manage, chronic cutaneous ulcer, which is painless, must
be more carefully studied.


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