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Despite being in a noisy world, your message may be heard by others in another place of our unique planet. My teachers learned me to publish my little knowledge: “Science should not be concealed into a bottle and dropped into the oceans. Sharing your information leads not only to your progression but also to make a better world for the others”. Your valuable comments regarding my articles are more than welcome.

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Who We Are?

Brieflands is a science-based corporation

Brieflands (a private science-based corporation, since 2007) is official partner of Publons, COPE and ORCID.


What is Our Mission?

The ultimate goal of our publishing team is increasing readers and readabilities of our publications by indexing journals in great databases.

our Mission
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  • We have successfully indexed 14 journals in ISI, 18 journals in Scopus, One journal in Medline and listed 4 journals in PubMed Central.

  • As one of the medium publishers of peer-reviewed scholarly journals, we succeed to publish more than 50 journals until now.

  • We started our professional activities as one of the oldest commercial journal publishers since 2007.

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