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Full Journal TitleArchives of Neuroscience
Aim & Scope
Archives of neuroscience is a clinical and basic journal which is informative to all practitioners like Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Neuroscientists. It is the official journal of Brain and Spinal Injury Research Center. The Major theme of this journal is to follow the path of scientific collaboration, spontaneity, and goodwill for the future, by providing up-to-date knowledge for the readers. The journal aims at covering different fields, as the name implies, ranging from research in basic and clinical sciences to core topics such as patient care, education, procuring and correct utilization of resources and bringing to limelight the cherished goals of the institute in providing a standard care for the physically disabled patients. This quarterly journal offers a venue for our researchers and scientists to vent their innovative and constructive research works. The scope of the journal is as far wide as the universe as being declared by the name of the journal, but our aim is to pursue our sacred goals in providing a panacea for the intractable ailments, which leave a psychological element in the daily life of such patients. This authoritative clinical and basic journal was founded by Professor Madjid Samii in 2012.
Content Coverage
Archives of Neuroscience’s context is devoted to the particular compilation of the latest worldwide and interdisciplinary approach and findings including original manuscripts, meta-analyses and reviews, health economic papers, debates, and consensus statements of clinical relevance to neurological field especially Brain, Spinal cord, and peripheral nerve diseases. In addition, consensus evidential reports not only highlight the new observations, original research and results accompanied by innovative treatments and all the other relevant topics but also include highlighting disease mechanisms or important clinical observations and letters on articles published in the journal. The journal welcomes all original research works, editorials, reviews articles, meta-analyses, letters, etc. related to any branch of neuroscience.
Scientific CollaboratorBrain and Spinal Injury Research Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Abbreviation TitleISO: Arch. Neurosci. JCR: ARCH NEUROSCI
CategoryNeurosurgery, Neurology, Neurophysiology/ pharmacology, Psychiatry/ Behavioral/ Cognitive, Cellular/Molecular/Tissue Engineering, Neurobiology, Neuroradiology/Neuroimaging, Neurorehabilitation, Neurooncology, Neuroanesthesia/Pain, Neurostatistics / Neuroepidemiology/Bioinformatics, Occupational Neuroscience, Neurogenetics, Translational Neuroscience, Neuro Nursing, Neuro Anatomy
ISSNPrint: 2322-3944 | Electronic: 2322-5769
Type of PublishingArticle-Based Publishing (Continuous)
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