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Full Journal TitleEducational Research in Medical Sciences
Aim & ScopeEducational Research in Medical Sciences journal aims to publish articles in the field of medical education to improve the quality of medical education for the medical community. The scope of this journal includes: Clinical Decision-Making, Clinical Performance Examination, Communication Skills, Comparative Studies in Medical Education, Continuing Professional Development, Curriculum Planning and Development, E-learning, Educational Management, Educational Technologies, Emerging Trends and Innovative Models Linking Education, Ethics in Medicine, Evaluation and Assessment, Evidence-Based Medical Education, History of Medical Education, Medical Education and Leadership, Medical Education Based on the Society's Needs, Teaching and Learning Methods and Theories, Organizational Performance Assessment, Accreditation
Content CoverageWe will cover a broad spectrum of topics related to Medical Education, including but not limited to educational methods, academic assessment, e-learning, educational management, virtual learning, academic performance and achievement, curriculum, skills and clinical competence, educational need assessment, and other issues related to medical sciences education.
Scientific CollaboratorEducation Development Center, University of Medical Sciences
Abbreviation TitleEduc Res Med Sci
CategoryEducation/Medical Sciences
ISSNPrint: 2252-0341 | Electronic: 2252-0465
Type of PublishingArticle-Based Publishing (Continuous)
PriceOnline: Open Access
Article Submission ChargeThere is no article submission charge in this journal.
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