Upload Feature File

Last Update: 2021-07-15 06:43:24

EIC is able to upload feature files in PUBLISH states. Any feature file will be published in the HTML of article.

How to Upload Feature Files?

  • Sign in as EIC> Find your target article> Go to Manuscript info> Details> Files > Upload any allowed feature file
  • File extensions could be:
    • Feature Video: .mp4
    • Feature Audio: .mp3
    • Feature Slide: .ppt or .pptx
    • Feature Image: .jpg / .jpeg / .png / .tiff or .eps
  • File size limitation is 2~3 MB.
  • Upload feature image is also possible. By uploading a feature image for an article, it will stick to the left side of the article window in publish site; therefore it is better to upload a feature image that is related to the content of the article.