EIC Assistant

Last Update: 2022-02-06 20:52:51

What is EIC Assistant Role?

  • "EIC Assistant" is a role in the admin panel of Brieflands Journals, just like the EIC except those actions required to make a decision on manuscripts.
  • A person with this role is able to fully view and inspect everything in the admin panel especially s/he is able to view these states:
  • EIC Assistant can view all states and articles in those states including articles' details and history and peer review process. Besides, all options by EIC in the left-hand menu is accessible for this role.
  • EIC assistant is able to transfer any article into the correct issue, write EIC note, set feature article, feature file & so on.
  • Attention! No decision is possible by this role. For instance EIC assistant is not able to invite AE or Reviewer.