Last Update: 2023-04-13 12:43:50

  • Figures must be submitted as separate files in the submission process. Each figure needs a caption.
  • Place figure captions in the manuscript text in read order, immediately following the paragraph where the figure is first cited.
  • Authors should declare in the cover letter that all figures of their manuscripts are original, otherwise the original source of figures should be mentioned and reprint form must be uploaded in the attachments.
  • A scanned graph from other resources will not be accepted to publish.
  • All Figures should be in the form of encapsulated postscript (.eps), power point (.ppt), portable document format (.pdf), Photoshop (.psd), TIF (.tiff), PNG (png) or JPG (.jpg).
  • The raw data of the charts should be uploaded in Microsoft excel format (MS Office 2007 or newer)
  • Please scan all images in at least 300dpi. Most consumer scanners scan in sRGB by default. However, if you are using a high-end scanner then Adobe RGB is recommended for optimum color depth. Colorspace should be in RGB.
  • Image quality specification for Line art (an image composed of lines and text which does not contain tonal or shaded areas) has a resolution of 900 dpi, halftone (a continuous tone photograph which contains no text) with 300 dpi and combination of both should have 500 dpi of resolution.
  •  We will NOT accept any images with a resolution below 300 dpi.
  • If a figure presents results but is first mentioned in the Methods section, do not move the figure. Instead, remove the in-text mention in the Methods, leave an explanation for the authors, and retain the figure in the Results section.

Image Manipulation Guideline must be read here.



More information about file specifications can be seen at: