How to Invite an Associate editor or a reviewer?

Last Update: 2021-07-15 06:29:37

Tutorial Video:

  • To watch a video about "Invite AE", refer: [YOUTUBE] |  [APARAT]
  • To watch an educational video about "Invite Reviewer" refer: [YOUTUBE] [APARAT]

To Invite an Associate Editor or a Reviewer to do a review on a manuscript:

  1. Sign in to journal with "EIC" role (for inviting AE) and "AE" role (for inviting a reviewer).
  2. In "Manage Manuscripts" go to "Invite AE" or "Invite Reviewer"
  3. There are 3 options: "Invite AE/Reviewer", "Fast EIC/AE Decision" and "Withdraw"
  4. To invite AE/Reviewer, click on its button and Choose the favorite AE/Reviewer based on his/her name or classification. Using "classification", EIC or AE is able to list all potential AE or reviewers of that classification.


  • Start Date must be earlier than the due date.
  • To invite the previous AE of the earlier revision, find its AE by clicking on the desired revision.
  • Send email of Invitations to a Reviewer: EIC can add CC or BCC (or more details) for the reviewers and finally send an email to them.


    Invitation Emil is editable


    • Invite a Reviewer using "Manage Users"

      • EIC must click on Manage User (left menu) and Invite a New Person (by writing email and the full name of the desired reviewer).

      • For those previously registered users, Assign Role action is required.