How to do a Peer Review?

Last Update: 2021-07-15 06:30:40

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How to submit review comments?

Reviewers or associate editors are able to submit their decisions. To do:

  1. Sign in to the journal > Select the “AE or Reviewer” role from the right-top of the panel.
  2. Click the “New Invitation" > Accept invitation > Go to "My AE or Review Tasks”.
  3. "Reviewers' Guideline" are available in this page. Based on one of the guidelines, please download PDF file or other related word files, read them, write peer review comments in a simple word file and then paste them into 2 boxes available in this page: [Guidelines and checklist for Review by Reviewers or Associate Editors]
  4. All of the reviewers, AE, and EIC comments should be written only in English.
  5. Public Comments: Reviewers are able to write their public comments on this page. Public comments are visible for all authors.
  6. Confidential comments are not visible for authors. Only EIC will be able to see it.
  7. There are different types of decisions that help you to categorize your own decision and comments including Major, Minor, Accept, Reject.
  8. File Upload: AE or Reviewer is able to upload any file related to the review of the manuscript during the review process by clicking the “Upload” > “Select File”. The files are normally presented only for the editorial board; however, the Reviewer can use the “Allow Author Access” button and allow the author to see the file.


Associate Editor is able to edit all reviewers comments

The comments written by a reviewer could be corrected by Associate editor only if the status of manuscript is in "Waiting for AE". To edit:

  1. AE must go to “Submit AE Decision”
  2. Go to “Peer Review Process” table
  3. Click on a green button named “See Review”. By clicking on that button, you will be directed to that reviewers decision page and you can even edit their decisions and save it by clicking on “Save Review” button at the end of the page.

By clicking on the "See Review" button, you will the page bellow: