Republishing Policy

Last Update: 2023-06-18 20:36:53

Republishing is regarded as Plagiarism in all Brieflands Journals.

Brieflands explicitly instructs authors not to submit papers or variations of papers that have already been published elsewhere, even in languages other than English. Especially, those articles published in local journals (in local languages) are not permitted to be submitted in the journal.


Policy for Publishing Papers Presented in Conference Proceedings:

Before submitting a paper that has already been published in conference proceedings, it is important to inform the editor-in-chief of the journal you plan to submit it to. It is also necessary to obtain any required permissions from the original copyright holders if the rights were transferred to another publisher (such as the conference or proceedings publisher). This includes obtaining permission to reuse any copyrighted material, such as figures, illustrations, tables, photographs, or text excerpts. Permission must be obtained from the copyright holder before submitting your manuscript if you wish to use any copyrighted material.