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Last Update: 2023-10-24 08:41:27


Since 16 July 2018, Authors and Affiliations will be read from the Authors' section during submission. 

Therefore, there is no need to upload a separate title file during submission anymore. 


How to Write Author(s) in the correct format? 

  • Author(s) name: full name of all authors should be mentioned.
    • Example: Marek Jan Brensht
    • Method: [First Name] [Middle Name] [Last Name]

  • Affiliation: 
    • Author's affiliation contains only department and university.
    • We don't suggest to write author's degree or position (e.g. MD, PHD, associate professor, or etc.).
      • Method: [name of department], [name of university], [city], [country]
      • Example: Molecular Biology Department, Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands

  • Corresponding author: 
    • One of the authors should be selected for possible correspondence before and after publication. His/her address, telephone and fax numbers and email address should be written.
      • Method: [Full Postal Address] , Tel: [+country code - city code - phone number] , Fax: [+country code - city code - phone number] , E-mail: [Email address]
      • Example:  Petersbon Street 2c, 6432 GC, Hoensbroek, The Netherlands, Tel: +31 22 1234566, Fax: +31 22 1234566, E-mail:

Dual first-Authorship? You are allowed to add two first authors in your manuscript. Read more.