Preprint Policy

Last Update: 2022-01-17 21:44:13


  • What is a preprint article?

A preprint version of an article is a manuscript without any peer review or assessment by the journal's external reviewers, published publicly on a server. This type of publication does not add any extra value and works by its publishers, such as formatting, copy-editing, and technical enhancements. Read more on Wikipedia. Authors can submit their manuscripts to a preprint server before their submission in a peer-reviewed journal.

  • What is a Preprint server?

A preprint is an online and public service that allows posting a manuscript before submission in peer-reviewed journals.

Brieflands Policies about Preprints:

  • Authors are allowed to submit their preprint in any of Brieflands' journals

  • Authors should Inform EIC at the early step of publication about the preprint version of their article. In this matter, it is the corresponding author's responsibility to inform EIC via "Cover Letter" during submission.

  • If this preprinted article is accepted for publication, the corresponding author must link from the preprint version to their formal publication via its Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Authors must update their preprints on the related preprint server with their accepted manuscript within ten days after acceptance.
  • Licensing implications: Authors should not assign copyright during the preprint process. The authors should retain copyright in their work when posting to a preprint server.
  • Brieflands will assign a new DOI after acceptance to a preprinted article. It is the corresponding author's responsibility to link the unique DOI to the preprinted version of the same article through the publisher of the preprint server.