How to Add a review to Publons?

Last Update: 2022-02-06 21:16:54

How to Add a new review to Publons in Briefland Journals? 

Educational video: Youtube | Aparat

After doing a peer review in one of the Briefland journals, a reviewer can send a review to his/her profile in Publons. Since 2021, three Briefland journals have been connected to Publons.


How to Add a previous review to Publons?

"See an educational video in this matter"Youtube| Aparat

  1. Add your current review while submitting a review: When submitting a review in one of the Briefland journals, you are requested to add your review to Publons. To add your review to the Publons, you should confirm this request.
  2. For previous reviews (Historical review upload): Do as mentioned in the below image.

Link to the main page of Publons in Briefland