Cover Letter

Last Update: 2022-02-06 20:23:02

Download a template for the Cover letter

  • Cover Letter: Download, Print, sign, and upload a scanned version of it during your submission.


What is Cover Letter?

A cover letter is an official letter written by the corresponding author and signed by all authors, which introduces the manuscript briefly and states that:

  1. The manuscript is an original work of the author. All data, tables, figures, etc., used in the manuscript are prepared initially by the authors; otherwise, the sources are cited, and reprint permission should be attached.
  2. The manuscript has not been and will not be published elsewhere or submitted elsewhere for publication.
  3. Conflict of interest: To prevent authors' information on potential conflict of interest from being overlooked or misplaced, mention this information in the cover letter.
  4. Ethics of experimentation/Informed consent: The cover letter must include a statement declaring that the study complies with current ethical considerations. Authors reporting experimental studies on human subjects must consist of information of assurance in the Materials and Methods section of the manuscript reading that: 
  • Informed consent was obtained from each patient included in the study
  • The study protocol conforms to the ethical guidelines of the 1975 Declaration of Helsinki, as reflected in a prior approval by the institution's human research committee.
  • In studies involving animals, experimentation assures that all animals receive humane care according to the criteria outlined in the "Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals" prepared by the National Academy of Sciences and published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH publication 86-23 revised 1985).