Letter to the Editor

Last Update: 2022-08-02 11:48:16

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We welcome Letters to the editor that directly refers to one of the contents published in a journal. Letters are not usually peer-reviewed (we rarely publish original research in this section), but the journal might invite replies from the authors of the original publication or pass on letters to these authors.

Please note that we have two types of Letters to the editor in a journal which are explained below:

Type 1 of Letter to Editor:

  • The letter linked to our published articles: These letters must reach us within three months of the publication of the original item, and the word count must be in line with our word count policy

For example, a letter referring to an article published in the January issue must be submitted online no later than March 31st. Letters submitted after the allowed time will not be considered.

  • A maximum of three (3) authors and ten references are allowed.
  • Only one table or figure is allowed.

Type 1 of Letter to the editor is often accompanied by a Reply:

EIC should inform the corresponding author of the commented article and request them to submit a reply within a definite timeline.

Important Note:

Type 1 of letters to the editor MUST have these criteria:

  1. The letter must refer to an original article published in the same journal.

  2. The letter must reach us within three months of the publication of the original item.

Type 2 of Letter to Editor:

  • Letters of general interest, unlinked to items published in the journal: These letters must reach us within five weeks before the publication of an issue. Limitations are the same as type 1 and could be found in the word count policy