Last Update: 2022-08-02 11:51:06

NeoConnect is a new in-house feature developed by our expert developers to provide one of the best and most powerful tools for inviting a new reviewer from major databases like ISI WoS, Medline, and Scopus to a peer review process. Using this tool, the editors can send an invitation letter to desired researchers in the same field of interest of an article. If a researcher tends to join a review, s/he will receive an email containing an abstract of the article and a direct link to peer review.




NeoConnect respects people's privacy rights because, at the first step, it sends invitation letters to researchers who have already agreed to publish their contact details via their publishers.

To invite a new reviewer using NeoConnect, EIC should:

  • Click on "Invite Reviewer"
  • Select NeoConnect
  • Define the start and end date of the search
  • Modify Keywords
  • Then search and review the results to find the best candidates

We strongly suggest inviting reviewers with ORCID.


NeoConnect: A New and Powerful Tool for Inviting Reviewers
NeoConnect: A New and Powerful Tool for Inviting Reviewers