Last Update: 2022-01-17 23:09:54

NeoSuggest is a new in-house feature developed by our expert developers to provide one of the best and most powerful tools for transferring rejected manuscripts to the related sister journals. Each journal of the Brieflands family has one or more sister journals in the same field of interest. Using this feature, the Editor in chiefs and Publisher staff can suggest another new journal to the authors. This unique feature works only within Brieflands journals. Furthermore, all manuscript files could be transferred automatically to the new journal.


Educational Video:  YouTube | Aparat

  • How to work?

  1. The corresponding author can refer to the previous journal, go to the "Rejected" part and press the "Transfer" button.
  2. All the manuscript files and information will be transferred automatically to the new journal.
  3. In the new journal, the corresponding author should check the submission steps if needed and finally press the finish button.


NeoSuggest: A New and Powerful Tool  for Transferring the Rejected Manuscripts