Sign in with ORCID

Last Update: 2022-02-06 23:29:48

Sign in using your ORCID into journals with Neoscriber 

Every user has been able to sign in to one of the Brieflands journals or add their ORCID to their personal information since Jan 2018. After introducing and adding an ORCID in one journal, all other profiles in other Brieflands Journals also will be linked to the same ORCID.

Throughout a cronjob, all published work of an author and all finished peer reviews will be added to a user's profile in ORCID once a week. Co-authors also have the opportunity to link their ORCID. When the corresponding author completes submission in a journal, an email is automatically sent to all co-authors. The email contains instructions for linking their ORCID to the submitted paper. This linking is done on a stand-alone page without co-authors being required to register for a new account.