Last Update: 2022-02-06 23:22:36

Which criteria will be checked in the screening step?

The first step of the review process in Brieflands journals is "Screening" of a manuscript. As a publisher or the EIC, we can do "Screening." We screen an article to be in line with the journal policies, including:

If all of the above criteria and conditions are passed, we will enter a manuscript into the review process. Otherwise, we will send it back to the author for corrections.

How to see the Screening log of a manuscript?

All users involved in a manuscript (author, reviewer, AE, or EIC) can see the "screening log" in the details of each manuscript. To do:

  1. Click the "Manuscript Title"
  2. Choose the correct revision of your manuscript
  3. Go to Peer Review Process
  4. Click Screening Log

EIC and Screening

  • EIC can see the list of manuscripts waiting for screening and manuscripts "Sent back to the Author." 

  • "Fast Reject" or "Sent Back to Author" are possible options by EIC.

Demo Video: If you need any more information about this section, you can watch the demo video on the following Links: [YOUTUBE] [APARAT]