Overview of Article Types in Brieflands Journals

Last Update: 2022-11-15 20:18:58

Based on our policy, we accept the below article types during submission. Please read them before you start your submission.


  • Abstract

The article itself is an abstract (of a paper or presentation) that usually has been presented or published separately.

  • Book Review

Review or analysis of one or more printed or online books (similar work “product-review” is used for product analysis).

  • Brief Report

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  • Case Report

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  • Discussion

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  • Dissertation

A thesis or dissertation is written as a part of the degree completion.

  • Editorial

An opinion piece, policy statement, or general commentary typically written by the staff of the publication (The similar work “article-commentary” is reserved for a commentary on a specific article or articles, which is written by an author with a contrasting position, not an editor or other publication staff).

  • Introduction

An introduction to a publication, or to a series of articles within a publication, etc., for a special section or issue, typically.

  • Letter

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  • Meeting Report

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  • News

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  • Obituary

Announcement of death or the appreciation for a colleague who has recently died.

  • Reply

Reply to a letter or commentary, typically by the original author commenting upon the comments.

  • Research Article

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  • Retraction

Retraction or disavowal of a previously published material. Furthermore, withdrawal regulations can be found here.

  • Review Article

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  • Study Protocol

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  • Systematic Review

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  • Correction

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  • Rapid Communication
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