How to Add comments on a Galley Proof?

Last Update: 2021-07-15 06:28:26

Galley Proof is a primary pdf file that is produced by the publisher and is ready to be reviewed by the editors as well as the authors. They can add their comments on the pdf file and inform the publisher for more corrections.


  1. Only the corresponding author is able to add comments.
  2. A galley proof should be replied within the first 5-7 days from the date of sending an email to the corresponding author using a clear indication of any changes.

How to add a comment(s) on a PDF proof file?

Tutorial Video: Youtube | Aparat




  1. Sign in to your journal account and click on "In Press" articles
  2. Download the pdf from the website and work in your computer using Adobe Acrobat or other similar software for adding comments
  3. Add comments on the pdf using pdf software like Adobe Acrobat or similar software. Watch this video (Youtube  | Aparat)
  4. Upload the commented PDF file with all notes online via your account in the journal. Click on the "Proof" button on the website.
  5. To find out more about the proof area, watch the above tutorial videos.


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