Sign in with Google

Last Update: 2022-02-06 23:29:03

Google's OAuth APIs can be used for both authentication and authorization. Users can sign in using their Google account in all of our journals. Therefore, without any registration, they will be able to sign in to a journal and share their information in both directions between journal and google.

Advantages of using Google OAuth to sign in to Briefland Journals

  • Ease of Access. Only a few seconds to log in with all your previously registered data and information. Just like hundreds of millions of Google users, this incredibly increases your speed in using a website. 

  • Time-Saving. You only need to create one account in Google for most of your online hangout spots. 

  • Share and Networking. Share all your personal but official data like pictures, dates, etc., on sites to all your groups. OAuth allows you to use one account to comment on several different sites, letting friends and readers from all sites trace you back to your preferred profile page. 

  • Privacy is of utmost importance. Using OAuth, you will be able to trust all other sites to purchase items online at many sites without ever letting them have access to your private financial details. 

  • Security at the best level. All OAuth data transfers must take place on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure the most trusted cryptography industry protocols are being used to keep data as safe as possible.

  • Control everything. Not only does OAuth give users the power to allow sites limited access to their data, but it even allows users to control when that timeframe window is up. It's comforting that users can choose when authorization tokens expire.

  • The popularity of Google. Google has already adopted OAuth, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo, so even if only a slice of their users have made the transition, that still equates to millions of current users.

How to sign in using your Google account

Go to "Sign in" and click on the "Google" icon. Then follow the instruction.