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List of Articles with Open Peer Review (OPR) in this Journal Last Update : 2022-04-25 09:05:19

  • What is Open Peer Review?

    An "Open Peer Review" process is making the details of all review processes (including reviewers, associate editors, and EICs' comments) as "Public" as it is agreed by EIC, Authors, and reviewers.

    Advantages of OPR:

    • To create more transparency, constructiveness, and tactful comments of the peer review process,
    • more motivations for all involved roles in the review process,
    • increase authors' satisfaction from the review process 
  • A complete list of all published reviewer's comments (OPR) with a direct link to the articles could be found in the below table. Simultaneously, you may find this list on each of our journal's homepage (at the top of the homepage). 
  • This list is a dynamic list and will be updated automatically after publishing each peer review (OPR).
  • Please contact us in case of any further questions or inquiries.


Article ID Download OPR Article Title E-PUB
90791 Download Effectiveness of Sexual Education Based on Mindfulness Training and Islamic Teachings in Improving Female Adolescents’ Self-Esteem 2020-1-1
99057 Download On the Relationship Between Lifestyles and Obesity in Adult Working Women in Dhaka 2020-1-18
100148 Download Effect of Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT) on Blood Cortisol and Cognitive-Emotion Regulation in Drug Abusers 2020-1-26
96456 Download Background Ionization Radiation in Radiography Centers in Ahvaz, Iran 2020-1-25
99515 Download The Intervening Conditions and the Strategies for Effectively Implementing of the Surgical Safety Guideline in the Hospitals 2020-1-26
99748 Download Study of Re-Operational Risk Factors in Lumbar Herniated Disk Patients Referring to Golestan Hospital, Ahvaz From 2011 to 2015 2020-1-25
100883 Download Effect of Zataria multiflora, Satureja, Oak Fruit Husk, and Jaftex Mouthwash on Treatment of Recurrent Minor Oral Aphthous Stomatitis 2020-3-28
100866 Download Isolation and Identification of Psychotropic Fungal Contamination in Food Storage Refrigerators in Ahvaz City Restaurants 2020-8-18
102390 Download Assessing the Wild Mammals Status Affected by Human Wastes, Based on the Field Works and MCDM Analysis 2020-8-9
101226 Download Isolation and Identification of Resistant Microorganisms from Automotive Paint Sludge 2020-8-19
102131 Download Critical Care Pharmacist Using Free Drug-Interaction Checker Mobile Apps Can Ensure Medication Safety in Critically Ill Patients 2020-8-19
103964 Download Dispersion Model Evaluation of SO2 Emission From Stack in Oil Refinery Plant Using AERMOD 8.9.0 2020-8-19
101756 Download The Risk Assessment of Low Back Pain Based on Allowable Weight Limits for Manual Lifting in Iranian Women Workers 2020-9-13
105361 Download Methodological Approach for Providing a Suitable Model for Financial Ranking of Educational Hospitals by using of Cross-Performance Procedures (Case Work, Hospitals of Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences) 2020-10-27
102586 Download The Effect of Various Fractions of Hemiscorpius lepturus Scorpion (Scorpionida: Hemiscorpiidae) Venom on Hemostatic System in Peripheral Blood of Rats in Comparison to Whole Venom 2020-10-19
101713 Download Mental Workload and Job Satisfaction in Pre-Hospital Emergency Technicians 2020-11-22
107662 Download Cheap Nano-Adsorbents Based on Zno/Mineral Nanocomposites for Removal of Chloroform from Water Solution 2020-12-29
109594 Download Ultra Rapid and Highly Sensitive Disperser-less Liquid-liquid Microextraction of Organophosphate Pesticides Prior to Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectrometry Detection 2020-12-30
104671 Download Characterization and Antimicrobial Resistance of Escherichia coli and Its Serotypes Isolated from Poultry Feed in Relation to Seasons in Karachi, Pakistan 2020-12-30
108609 Download Prevalence and Antimicrobial Resistance of Campylobacter coli and Campylobacter jejuni in the Animals, Food Products, and Human Clinical Specimens in Iran During 2004 - 2017: A Review Study 2021-1-23
114231 Download Clinical Presentation, Management, and Outcomes of Patients with COVID-19 Disease: A Report from a Large Tertiary Hospital in Iran 2021-5-1
114024 Download Treatment of PCBs Contaminated Soil Via Aerobic Vermicomposting Process Amended with Biological Sewage Sludge 2021-5-15
115555 Download A Triangle: COVID-19, Breast Cancer, and Cancer Therapy 2021-5-31
111597 Download Synthesis of Aluminum Foam and Its Application in Reducing Noise Pollution in a Gas Power Plant Under Construction 2021-5-31
103105 Download Risk Assessment of Petroleum Products Loading Arm by BTA Technique 2021-6-7
115067 Download Measurement and Calculation of Electron Contamination for Radiotherapy Photon Mode 2021-6-7
113257 Download Cost-Benefit Analysis of Down Syndrome Screening in Iran 2021-6-22
106002 Download Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on Hypochondriasis and Psychosocial Adjustment in Divorced Women 2021-6-12
112251 Download Factors Affecting Health Tourism Development in Khouzestan Province in 2019 2021-7-5
114902 Download Frequency and Antimicrobial Resistance of Shigella Species in Iran During 2000-2020 2021-6-22
116516 Download Dioxins Exposure and the Risk of Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis 2021-8-3
116144 Download Prevalence of Oral Manifestations in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients Referred to Shahid Mohammadi Hospital in 2018 - 2019 2021-7-20
116958 Download COVID-19 and Online Education in Iran’s Universities of Medical Sciences: A Narrative Review 2021-8-1
115134 Download Prioritization of Noise Control Solutions in an Oil Refinery Using the Noise Control Priority Index 2021-7-31
117000 Download Effectiveness of the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy on Depression, Stress, and Anxiety Among COVID-19 Patients 2021-8-24
114939 Download Application of Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP) Method to Describe Critical Points in Healthcare Waste Management of Razi Hospital in Ghaemshahr, Iran During COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 2021-8-14
118474 Download The Voluntary Performance of Medical Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Experience of the South of Iran 2021-8-23