Manage Manuscripts

Last Update: 2021-07-15 06:32:10

In "Manage Manuscripts" , users are able to see different menus based on their roles.

1. New Submission

  • My New Submissions Waiting for Screening by the Publisher
  • Manuscripts Sent Back to Me by the Publisher.

2. Manuscripts in the Review Process: Manuscripts are in the review process of the journal and there is no need for any action in this step. 


3. Manuscripts with a Decision

  • Minor Revision: These manuscripts needs minor revision and must be resubmitted.
  • Major Revision: These manuscripts needs major revision and must be resubmitted.
  • Rejected: No more action is needed.
  • Accepted Articles


4. Articles in the Publishing Process

  • On Hold
  • In Press Articles
  • Published Articles