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Full Journal Title Nephro-Urology Monthly
Organization Nephro and Urology Research Center, Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Publishing Approval Minister's Deputy Office in Press and Publicity Affairs of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance according to certificate number 90/2829 as International Bimonthy Medical Journal.
Scientific Research Approval The Iranian committee of medical science journals of the ministry of health and medical education according to certificate number 100/235 on 23 April 2011 as Scientific research medical journal.
Aim & Scope Nephro-Urology Monthly (NU monthly) is a clinical journal of Nephrology and Urology Research Center Tehran, I.R. IRAN which is informative for all the practitioners like nephrologists and urologists. This authoritative clinical journal was founded in 2009 by Professor Behzad Einollahi. The Journal context is devoted to the peer-reviewed compilation of the latest worldwide and interdisciplinary approach and findings including original manuscripts, meta-analyses and reviews, health economic papers, debates, and consensus statements of clinical relevance to nephrological and Urological fields. In addition, consensus evidential reports not only highlight the new observations, original research, and results accompanied by innovative treatments and all the other relevant topics but also include elucidating disease mechanisms and important clinical observations and letters on articles published in the journal.
Content Coverage Nephro-Urology Monthly is an authoritative clinical source and its content is devoted to the selected compilation of the latest worldwide and interdisciplinary research and reviews in the field of basic and clinical urology and nephrology. The journal welcomes all kinds of manuscripts and other scientific communications including original manuscripts, meta-analyses and reviews, health economic papers, debates, and consensus statements of the clinical relevance of nephrological and Urological fields.
Abbreviation Title ISO: Nephro-Urol. Mon. | JCR: NEPHRO-UROL MON
Category Nephrology/Urology
ISSN Print: 2251-7006 | Electronic: 2251-7014
Language English
Journal Country/Territory IR Iran
Type of Publishing Article-Based Publishing (Continuous)
Frequency Quarterly
Price Online: Open Access; Article Acceptance Rate: refer here
Article Submission Charge There is no article submission charge in this journal.
Digital Archiving Policy This journal deposits its articles in PMC (till 2016) and Portico to guarantee long-term digital preservation.
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