Aug 2019 Volume 13 Annual Issue 5 Article(s)

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Transparency of Review Process in ALL Kowsar journals: Public Peer Review

A new windows for authors and reviewers

31 Aug, 2019 | Author: Info

All Kowsar Journals are accepted to consider regulations of "Open Peer Review Process" since Aug 2019.


How to Control DOI validity in an article? Technical guidance for publishers

Journal publishers must know this flowchart to check their DOI's

01 Sep, 2019 | Author: Info

DOI or direct object identifier is one of key elements of each article in a journal. Editors of the journals must have basic knowledge to check the validity of DOI of their published articles. Using this flowchart, editors are able to check or control the validity of DOI's in their journals.

Expert opinions about "How to treat an undisclosed Conflict of Interest in a journal article?"

A suspected case of CoI: Training for EICs

10 Sep, 2019 | Author: Info

Recently, we have faced to a suspected case of Conflict of Interest (CoI) in some of the journals by a unique group of authors. These authors are the shareholders of a pharmaceutical company. In the meantime, they designed a RCT and published at least 4 articles in 4 different journals. In the first and second published articles, they did not mention any CoI while in the third and fourth article, they mentioned a part of their financial involvement in the CoI. In this manuscript, we are trying the review some of important opinions and advises regarding this malpractice. We believe that it is the EIC role to make the best and final decision.

NeoSuggest: A new service for transferring an article to the correct and proper Journal

We help to find the best destination for your publications

13 Oct, 2019 | Author: Info

NeoSuggest is a tool for recycling a rejected manuscript in Kowsar journals. Using this tool, we suggest a new journal to the authors. In case of author's agreement, they will be able to re-submit their manuscript to the new journal by just One click.

Writing last degree of authors in their Affiliations?

Review Different Styles

02 Dec, 2019 | Author: Info

Many journals write the last degree of an author in the affiliation part while so many others not. We have reviewed different styles in publishers and include them here for editors' considerations. To find out the best method of solution, we referred and browsed some of “Nature” journals and “Elsevier” journals since they publish famous and well-known journals. 

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