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English edition is done on each manuscript in the publication process after accepting by Edior-in-chief. The authors are responsible to review all editors' comments and accept/reject comments then reply to all of them in the same word file. To accept/reject comments, use the below instruction:


 Instruction for Authors:

1) Open the word file. Note that the word file (sent from publisher) is in protected mode with a password and you are not allowed to open the protection or make a copy of the file in another file.


2) Add comment in word file:
Word > Review > Insert New Comment


3) Accept a change
To accept a chenge do nothing. No action will be considered as acceptance of changes


4) Reject a comment/change in word file:
To reject a change just select the area, insert a new comment and write "Reject" or "Should be rejected


5) Answer comments:
To answer a comment just click into the comment box and add your comment at the end of the comment by another color or insert a new comment

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