Need help to correct errors and enhance your writing?

Need help to correct errors and enhance your writing?

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English Editing

English Editing

Double-reviewed native editing by two expert editors

Ideal for research papers and dissertations

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Plagiarism Check service

Plagiarism Check Service

Decreasing similarity percentage to the reasonable threshold of <10%

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NedMedica is registered as “Eenmanszaak” in the Netherlands since 2009 and works based on the Dutch rules and regulations.


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Why Choose Nedmedica?
With over 10 years of successful experience and editing more than 15,000 papers, NedMedica can assure authors around the world that their papers will be edited with the highest quality (100% quality guarantee) and confidentiality. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal; NedMedica stands behind its work with a 100% money back guarantee or free re-editing. click here

Expert editors

We have chosen a set of expert editors to cover every type of research field. Our editors are selected based on an exact process. In addition, all the works done by our editors are finally reviewed by a senior editor

Confidentiality of your information

We use the latest security standards to maintain the confidentiality of your information; it is in fact our top priority

Timely delivery

The process of evaluating the order and sending the work to the editor takes minimum 3-7 days based on to the author’s request

Assured quality

We use an accurate process for the quality assurance of editing services; all our processes are independently verified by global standards

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we usually respond in less than 24 hours.


“With the help of expert editors in the field of anesthesiology and pain, we have successfully published .” - Dr. Safari, Anesthesiologist

“Using professional academic editing presented by NedMedica, we were able to promote our articles within our institute … “ - Prof. Samii, Professor of Neuroscience

High quality, easy to order and affordable. back by a 100%. satisfaction guarantee.


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