1) Titles of articles take initial capitals when they are in the title position but not in the reference position.


  • Title: Autonomic Response in Depersonalization Disorder
  • Reference: Sierra M, Senior C, Dalton J. Autonomic response in depersonalization disorder. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2002:598):100-103.


2) In titles and headings, capitalize 2-letter verbs, such as go, do, am, is, be. Note: In infinitives, "to" is not capitalized. Do not capitalize a coordinating conjunction, article, or preposition of 3 or fewer letters, except when it is the first word in the title or subtitle.


  • What Is Sarcoma?
  • We Do Need to Treat Mild Hypertension
  • Where the World Will Be in the Year 2020
  • Defining the Role of Computed Tomography in Injuries Resulting From Blunt Abdominal Trauma


3) In compound terms from languages other than English, capitalize all parts of the expression.


  • Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization in Surgical Specimens of Lung Cancer
  • Nephrectomy With Concomitant En Bloc Adrenalectomy


4) With a phrasal verb, such as "follow up," capitalize both parts in a title.


  • The Need to Follow Up the Patient With Esophageal Cancer


Source: AMA Manual of style

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