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Survey of occupational accidents in industries and workplaces of Kermanshah province,2012‎


avatar Masoud Ghanbari 1 , * , avatar Houshyar Johari‎ 2 , avatar Hossein Ashtarian‎ 3 , avatar Behzad‏ ‏ Teimouri‎ 4 , avatar Kamran Salimi‎ 5

1 Department of Occupational‏ ‏Health Engineering ,‎‏ ‏Kermanshah University of‏ ‏Medical ‎Sciences, Kermanshah‎, Iran

2 Bureau of cooperative labor‏ ‏and social welfare,‎‏ ‏Kermanshah‎, Iran

3 Department of General‏ ‏Health, School of Health,‎‏ ‏Kermanshah University of‏ ‏Medical ‎Sciences,‎‏ ‏Kermanshah‎, Iran

4 Department of Operating‏ ‏room, Paramedical School,‎‏ ‏Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah ‎, Iran

5 Department of Medical‏ ‏Laboratory Sciences, School of‏ ‏Paramedicine, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences,‎‏ ‏Kermanshah, Iran

How to Cite: Ghanbari M, Johari‎ H , Ashtarian‎ H , Teimouri‎ B ‏, Salimi‎ K . Survey of occupational accidents in industries and workplaces of Kermanshah province,2012‎. J Clin Res Paramed Sci. 2013;2(1):e82239.


Journal of Clinical Research in Paramedical Sciences: 2 (1); e82239
Published Online: May 16, 2013
Article Type: Research Article
Received: October 04, 2012
Accepted: March 16, 2013


Introduction: Different work accidents create several socioeconomic problems for community. In addition to the direct effects of the accidents, these are major causes of
functional damage and other work-related problems. Therefore, the recognition of the accidents and identifying the underlying reasons can provide some opportunity to
prevent and reduce accident incidence in the future. This study was aimed to address these issues.
Methods: In this case series study, data were collected through assessing various accident reports and related statistics.
Results: The total number of damaged persons in Kermanshah province was 382 (99.5%), all were menexcept two. Furthermore, the results indicated that the most common cause of the accidents was related to construction works. In general, the work accidents happened mainly between 10 am and 1 pm. According to the results, more accidents occurred predominantly in people with 9th grade literacy level, high school diploma and in married people. The largest proportion of the accidents was falls from high places. The findings also
showed that hands were the most affected parts in the accidents and death rate was 11.3 percent in all cases.
Conclusion: Overall and according to these results, it can be concluded that there are two main reasons for the accidents including an unsuitable work environment and limited personal protective equipment in Kermanshah province.


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