Urinary Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha a Good Indicator for Inflammatory Response in Pyelonephritis


avatar Masoumeh Mohkam 1 , * , avatar Sedigheh Rafiei Tabatabaei 1 , avatar Fahimeh Asgarian 1 , avatar Shahnaz Armin 1 , avatar Alireza Fahimzad 1 , avatar Mostafa Sharifian 1 , avatar Reza Dalirani 1

Pediatric Infections Research Center, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical sciences, [email protected], IR Iran

how to cite: Mohkam M, Rafiei Tabatabaei S, Asgarian F, Armin S, Fahimzad A, et al. Urinary Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha a Good Indicator for Inflammatory Response in Pyelonephritis. Arch Pediatr Infect Dis.1(2): 87-91. doi: 10.5812/pedinfect.9114.



TNF-? is one of the most potent cytokines in proinflammatory reactions.


This article contributes to evaluate the correlation between urinary TNF-? and inflammatory response markers in children with acute pyelonephritis.

Patients and Methods:

This cross sectional study, was performed on children with acute pyelonephritis. Fresh random urine samples were obtained before treatment of pyelonephritis. Urine samples were tested for TNF-? and creatinine. We also evaluated our patients with routine biochemical studies.


One hundred and twenty children with acute pyelonephritis were evaluated. Urinary TNF-?/Cr was 0.0051 0.00083 Pg/g creatinine. The authors found out a significant difference in urinary TNF-?/Cr between patients who have normal and abnormal levels of urine leukocytes, urine protein, urine culture, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and C- reactive protein. This study revealed a significant correlation between urinary TNF-alpha and urine WBC (r = 0.36, P value = 0.02), ESR (r = 0.75, P value = 0.03) and CRP (r = 0.58, P value = 0.02).


We concluded that urinary TNF-?/Cr might be a good indicator for inflammatory response in children with acute pyelonephritis.

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