Article Processing Charges (APC) Guidelines for Brieflands Journals

Last Update: 24 December, 2023 | 10:03

Get a concise summary of the Article Processing Charges (APC) guidelines for Brieflands Journals. Learn about our pricing and payment options.

  Why Do We Charge APC?

Brieflands is dedicated to publishing all its journals in a fully open-access format. This ensures that our content is immediately available to both the scientific community and the wider public upon online publication. Contrary to many traditional academic publishers, Brieflands doesn't rely on selling subscriptions or levying pay-per-view fees for journal access.

Brieflands prioritizes maintaining open-access publication charges at a nominal level. Notably, the APCs levied by Brieflands on a per-page basis are considerably lower than the income per published page from traditional subscription-based academic publishers. Through the open access model and by collecting APC, Brieflands endeavors to enhance the spread of research insights and ensure global access to academic information without hindrances.

  Free-of-Charge Journals

In the list of our journals, you may find those journals that come without any charges.

  Word Count Pricing Strategy

At Brieflands, the acceptance fee for an article correlates with its word count. Hence, the pricing varies according to the article's word length. For comprehensive details about the Brieflands Word Count Policy, please visit this link.

  APCs at Brieflands Journals

The table below provides the APC breakdown for our range of journals, covering both editorial services and article production. We advise non-native English speakers to seek a professional English editing service prior to manuscript submission. Refer to the table to ascertain the specific 'APC' for any Brieflands Journal.

Table footnotes:

  1. Exclusive VAT: VAT (or BTW) is NOT included in the price.
  2. Exclusive Bank Transfer Costs: Other costs (including bank transfer costs, etc.) are not included in the price.
  3. The prices shown in the above table give you an estimation of the final price. You will find out the exact price during online payment or in your pre-invoice.
  4. For specific word count guidelines, consult our Word Count Policy.

Online APC Calculator

Use the table below to determine the 'Article Processing Charge' for a Brieflands Journal. Complete the form and select 'Calculate'.

Answer the above questions and click on "Calculate".

Total calculated price:

  How to Bypass the English Editing Surcharge?

To evade the English editing fee, non-native speakers are advised to engage a professional English editing service before submission to Brieflands journals. We endorse the ensuing manuscript editing services. After using their service, you'll get a certificate that must accompany the manuscript during submission. Moreover, by submitting articles to Brieflands, authors qualify for a one-time 10% cut on Brieflands fees or a 15% rebate on Manuscript edit's charges. To benefit from these referral discounts, navigate through the links provided below. Here are the recommended English editing services:

NedMedica For International Authors|||Articlex For Persian-Language  Authors

  Which articles are published without a charge?

Editorial pieces such as Editorials or Retractions are published without a fee at Brieflands. However, other articles do incur an acceptance fee. For any queries or assistance, especially if you are an invited author, reach out to us at (Submit a ticket as Author).

  Payment Methods

Below are the methods to settle article acceptance fees:

  •   1) Online Payment (preferred):

Please log in to the journal's website and head to the Author Area. Here, an easy-to-follow wizard will guide you. Payment can be made post-article acceptance. Upon article acceptance, the corresponding author will see a "Pay Acceptance Fee" button on the site.

For any help during this procedure, reach out to us at (Submit a ticket as Author). Payment methods like Paypal and major credit cards are accepted. Detailed instructions can be found in your journal account.

  •   2) Offline Payment:

Payments can also be made via bank transfer using our IBAN and BIC. For this, a pre-invoice is needed. To get one, please request at (Request Invoice). Once received, you can transfer the amount.

Post payment, share the "Bank Receipt" with us via your journal account for seamless processing. For any assistance, reach out at (Submit a ticket by Author).

  Discounts and Waiver Guidelines

  • 1) For Authors:

Brieflands extends waivers and fee reductions for authors from low-income nations, as classified by the World Bank till July 2017. To request a discount, please connect at Your request will be evaluated, and we will update you.

  • 2) For Reviewers:

As gratitude, discounts are provided to some journal reviewers and returning authors. Reviewers with 10 or more completed tasks are eligible. To avail, apply at this link (Request Discount).

  Will I be charged if my manuscript is declined?

No. You will only be invoiced for accepted articles. Acceptance is based on a peer-review mechanism, and journal editors typically take the decision based on the article's scientific relevance.

  Are reprints of my article included in the fee?

Article fees do not include reprints. However, you can order them separately for any Brieflands journal article. To do so, visit the concerned article's website and click "Order Reprint", or contact us at for detailed assistance.

  Refund and Cancellation Policy

For unaccepted manuscripts, partial refunds can be requested via Refund conditions vary based on the manuscript stage:

  1. Post Submission & In Review: Manuscript withdrawal at this stage attracts a fee as per our guidelines. For details, refer here.
  2. Post Acceptance & Pre Publishing: No refunds at this stage.
  3. Post Final Publishing: No refunds after the article has been published.

For more details or support, connect with us via