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Leading STM publisher since 2007 with 60+ open-access journals. Renowned for quality, innovation, and global reach. Commitment to excellence and Open Peer Review for transparency


Established in 2007, Brieflands is a prominent STM publisher with over 60 open-access peer-reviewed journals, renowned for quality, innovation, and a global approach to scientific knowledge. Our commitment to excellence and collaboration ensures the highest academic rigor and integrity. We've adopted Open Peer Review policy across all journals to enhance transparency and accountability.

With more than 50 fixed employees and 40 part-time staff, Brieflands is a dynamic workplace. Additionally, our global presence is bolstered by two international offices. Strategic partnerships with leading service providers enhance our journals' visibility and access to advanced resources. Adhering strictly to ICMJE principles and COPE best practices, we address ethical misconduct with diligence.


Founded in 2007 as an editorial team within a Medical Institute, Brieflands was initially led by Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Miri (MD, PhD) and Prof. Seyed-Moayed Alavian. This team's primary focus was on publishing a medical journal. Over the next three years, their expertise and dedication led to the expansion of their journal portfolio to five. In 2010, building on this success, the team formally established themselves as a VOF (collaboration) STM professional company in Heerlen, the Netherlands, and adopted the name "Kowsarmedical Publishing."

Between 2010 and 2019, owing to its exceptional publishing services — encompassing everything from manuscript submission to final publication — and its innovative "Journal Management System," the company's portfolio burgeoned to over 60 STM journals. In 2022, embracing its growth and evolution, the company rebranded as "Brieflands," a name that reflects its stature as a leading "Science, Technical, Medical Publisher." Presently, Brieflands is renowned for publishing over 50 journals and is powered by the dedication and expertise of 97 employees across three branches.


Brieflands, a prominent Science, Technical, and Medical (STM) publisher, has carved a niche in the academic publishing world with its steadfast commitment to research integrity and excellence. At the heart of Brieflands' mission lies the publication of a diverse range of STM journals, each adhering to the highest standards of scholarly communication. The company's main aim is to foster a culture of integrity and rigor in research, ensuring that every journal serves as a reliable and reputable source of scientific knowledge. By maintaining strict peer-review processes and ethical standards, Brieflands plays a pivotal role in advancing scientific understanding and innovation, making significant contributions to the global academic community.

  1. Upholding Research Integrity: Brieflands places a strong emphasis on maintaining the integrity of research. This involves ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and ethical standards of the studies published. By rigorously upholding these standards, Brieflands seeks to foster trust and credibility within the academic community.
  2. Promoting Global Collaboration and Networking: Publishing high-quality journals serves as a platform for researchers and professionals worldwide to connect and collaborate. Brieflands aims to encourage global networking and interdisciplinary exchanges, fostering collaborations that span borders and disciplines.
  3. Influencing Policy and Practice: By publishing authoritative and high-impact research, Brieflands aims to inform and influence policy-making and professional practices in various fields. High-quality journals provide a trusted source of information that can guide decisions and strategies in science, technology, and medicine.

  Business Profile

Introducing Brieflands' profile is key to showcasing its commitment to quality STM publishing, global collaboration, and advancing scientific knowledge, solidifying its role in the academic world.

  • Brieflands, with its registered trademark (record number 1454012), has been a General Partnership (Vennootschap onder firma) company in the Netherlands' Chamber of Commerce since 2010. 
    • KvK number: 89235444
    • VAT number: NL864918896B01 (verifiable via VIES)
    • RSIN: 864918896
  • Associated with Brieflands is Nedmedica, a company specializing in Author Services. 
  • Previously, from 2010 to 2021, the company operated under the name Kowsarmedical Publishing.

  Memberships & Partners

  • Partnering with leading service providers is crucial for Brieflands to elevate its journal quality and reputation. Such partnerships provide access to advanced resources, enhance visibility, and ensure adherence to the highest standards of academic integrity. This alignment not only boosts Brieflands' credibility but also expands its reach in the academic community, marking it as a distinguished publisher in the scholarly world.

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Brieflands' Registration with the National Library of the Netherlands

Registration with the National Library of the Netherlands:

Since 2011, Brieflands has been a registered publisher with the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, the National Library of the Netherlands. This recognition underlines our commitment to contributing to the rich tapestry of global knowledge.

Brieflands is a member of COPE

Commitment to COPE:

As a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), we ensure that all our journals adhere to the highest ethical standards and practices in line with COPE's core expectations.

Brieflands is an Official Partner of Publons

Partnership with Publons:

Our official partnership with Publons offers our reviewers a valuable platform to track, verify, and display their peer review and editorial contributions, enhancing their academic profiles and credibility.

Brieflands is member of ORCID

Official Partnership with ORCID:

As a member of ORCID, Brieflands supports the assignment of unique identifiers to authors, linking them accurately with their bibliographic work, and fostering a transparent and reliable scholarly communication environment.

Brieflands deposits articles in Portico

Long-term Preservation with Portico:

Through our collaboration with Portico, we guarantee the long-term preservation of electronic journals, ensuring the permanence and accessibility of academic work for future generations.

Member of DOI and Crossref

Membership in DOI and Crossref:

As a member of Crossref, Brieflands assigns Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to all articles, facilitating easier access and citation of scholarly work while ensuring accurate metadata deposit.

Brieflands cooperates with Indexing Sources

Adherence to XML DTD v.3 Standards:

We comply with the XML DTD v.3 standards, which are crucial for the technical evaluation by various indexing sources, thereby enhancing the visibility and impact of our journals.

Registered Trademark in BOIP

Registered Trademark in BOIP:

Brieflands proudly stands as a registered trademark, underscoring our distinct identity and commitment to quality in the world of academic publishing.

In Agreement with CCC

Membership in the Copyright Clearance Center:

As a member of the Copyright Clearance Center, we provide collective copyright licensing services, ensuring legal and ethical use of our copyrighted materials.