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Last Update: 22 November, 2023 | 09:05

"Brieflands' Board of Trustees, global scientists committed to unconditional open access, oversee policies and ensure future owners maintain standards."

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CEO & Founder

Dr. Seyyed M Miri

Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Miri

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is composed of distinguished scientists from around the world. They have committed to upholding a policy of unconditional open access for research articles. Any future owner of Brieflands will also be required to maintain this policy. The Board of Trustees holds the authority to ensure these commitments are met. Additionally, they oversee all rules and regulations, assisting the policymakers of the journals.

Professor Seyed-Moayed Alavian

Professor F. Blaine Hollinger

  • MD,
  • Affiliation: Professor, Virology & Microbiology: Hollinger Lab, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas
  • Profile: Link | ResearchGate
  • Stocks or interest in Publisher: No

Professor Mario Rizzetto

  • Affiliation: Virologist, Chair of Gastroenterology, Institute of Internal Medicine, University of Turin, Italy
  • Profile: Pubmed  | Wikipedia
  • Stocks or interest in Publisher: No

Professor Frank Tacke

  • MD, PhD,
  • Affiliation: Professor of Medicine, Dept. of Gastroenterology, Metabolic Diseases and Intensive Care Medicine, University Hospital Aachen, Germany
  • Profile: Link |Scholar 
  • Stocks or interest in Publisher: No

Professor Ernest H.J. Weil

  • MD, PhD, FEBU, Urologist,
  • Affiliation: Chairman, Department of Urology, Acibadem International Medical Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Profile: Pubmed | Linkedin
  • Stocks or interest in Publisher: No

Professor Marek J. Los

  • PhD
  • Affiliation: Department of Clinical & Experimental Medicine, Univ Linkoping, Sweden
  • Profile: Researchgate |Link
  • Stocks or interest in Publisher: No

Professor Saeid Ghavami

  • PhD
  • Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Science, University of Manitoba, Canada
  • Profile: Researchgate | Scholar 
  • Stocks or interest in Publisher: No

Professor Takuya Watanabe

  • MD, PhD
  • Affiliation: Department of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, Medical Hospital, The Nippon Dental University School of Life Dentistry at Niigata, Niigata, Japan
  • Profile: Researchgate 
  • Stocks or interest in Publisher: No

Editor Advisory Group:

The Editors' Advisory Group is a representative group of Brieflands Editors who advise on scientific questions, developments, and other important issues concerning the publishing of Brieflands journals. Members are representative of the journals published across the full range of subject areas and different stages of journal development.

Prof. Ali Zarei Mahmoudabadi

Professor Fereidoun Azizi

Professor Hossein Ghanaati

Dr. Vahid Ziaee

Editorial Management

Editorial Management promotes the scientific quality and ethical conduct, reporting, and evaluation of scientific research based on the principles of trust and transparency. We tried to work with well-experienced professional journal editors with good backgrounds in research, clinical medicine, and the biological sciences. This team is responsible for maintaining best practices in peer review and leading in defining Brieflands' editorial policies, working closely with academic editors, key opinion leaders, and the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Dr. Pegah Karimi Elizee

  • MD
  • Scientific Supervisor and Head of Quality Control Department, Den Bosch, The Netherlands

Dr. Heidar Sharafi

Dr. Saeid Safari

  • MD
  • Head of Consultation Group, Tehran, Iran

Need to Contact One of the Members?

To get in touch with any of the boards or staff mentioned above, please submit a ticket to the publisher with all the necessary details. Our colleagues in the Support department will evaluate your request and respond at their earliest convenience. You can submit your inquiries via the "Submit a Ticket" option on our support portal or by navigating to one of our journals > Support > Submit a Ticket.