Low dose radiation exposure and cardiovascular diseases: a review


avatar Chun-Yan Ding 1 , avatar Ling Gao 1 , *

Key Laboratory, Radiological Protection and Nuclear Emergency, National Institute for Radiological Protection, China Centers for Disease Control, Beijing, China

how to cite: Ding C, Gao . Low dose radiation exposure and cardiovascular diseases: a review. Int J Cardiovasc Pract. 2017;2(4):e130071. https://doi.org/10.21859/ijcp-030103.


ICRP stated that particular attention should be paid to radiation effects in the cardiovascular system because of recent published observations of radiation effects in this systems occurring after much lower doses than reported previously (ICRP, 2007 and 2012). The review was based on scientific articles available in the open literature, major reviews by other organizations, in particular International Commission on Radiation Protection (ICRP, 118). In this review, we describe low-dose ionizing radiation effect, causes of cardiovascular diseases, relationship between low-dose ionizing radiation and cardiovascular diseases, as well as the importance and urgent of elucidate the relationship between low dose ionizing radiation and cardiovascular disease.


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