Liver Cholestasis in Thyrotoxicosis: a Case Report


avatar GK Sjberg 1 , * , avatar P Katzman 2 , avatar B Hallengren 2

Departments of Medicine Lund University Hospital,Endocrinology, Malm University Hospital,, Sweden
Department of Endocrinology, Lund University Hospital, Sweden

how to cite: Sjberg G, Katzman P, Hallengren B. Liver Cholestasis in Thyrotoxicosis: a Case Report. Int J Endocrinol Metab. 2007;5(1): 44-48. 


Thyrotoxicosis is often associated with liver and malfunction, often for long durations; some-times the liver function is substantially impaired for a longer period of time. The exact nature however of the relation between hepatic dys-function and thyrotoxicosis remains obscure. Presented here is a case report of liver cholesta-sis as a complication of thyrotoxicosis. Materials and Method: A previously healthy 41-year-old man with thyrotoxicosis complicated with liver cholestasis is discussed. Results: The patient reported had a typical thyro-toxicosis but following radioiodine treatment concomitantly developed jaundice and severe pruritus that required several weeks of treatment in hospital and took several months to disap-pear. In this report the therapeutical considera-tions as well as the pathogenetic possibilities are reviewed. Conclusion: The association observed is not common but may be severe and should be con-sidered in any case of thyrotoxicosis where a cholestatic condition develops.

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