Iniencephaly Clausus: A New Case With Clinical and Imaging Findings


avatar Alireza Khatami 1 , * , avatar Mohsen Hasanzadeh 1 , avatar Hedayat Norouzi 1 , avatar Ehasn Esfandiari 1 , avatar Mastooreh Mehrafarin 1

Department of Radiology, Mofid Childrens Hospital, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

how to cite: Khatami A, Hasanzadeh M, Norouzi H, Esfandiari E, Mehrafarin M. Iniencephaly Clausus: A New Case With Clinical and Imaging Findings. Innov J Radiol. 2015;12(3):4790.


Iniencephaly is a rare kind of neural tube defect that is classified into two types of iniencephaly apertus and iniencephaly clausus. This anomaly could be diagnosed prenatally by obstetric ultrasonography and terminated by therapeutic abortion; however, it could be undiagnosed until birth similar to our case due to the abnormal position of the fetus or lack of experience of the sonographer. Due to abnormality of the neural tube, which causes abnormal head and neck position, all these cases will die shortly after birth. We hereby introduce the photos and imaging findings of a case of an alive neonate with iniencephaly clausus.

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