Minimal Invasive Treatments: Technical Aspect and Clinical Indications


avatar Jalal Jalalshokouhi 1 , *

Iranian Society of Radiology

how to cite: Jalalshokouhi J. Minimal Invasive Treatments: Technical Aspect and Clinical Indications. Innov J Radiol. 2014;11(30th Iranian Congress of Radiology):e21314.


These treatments have been done under imaging control or even blindly (by none radiologists) to save money, time and patients comfort. All extravascular interventional or needle procedures and surgery via a narrow tube or by endoscopic ways are in these categories. An old neurosurgeon says: if the patients pain or problem solves by a pill no needle is need and if a needle is useful to relief from pain why we use surgery knife. Microtherapy, nerve blocks and other minimally invasive treatments by me have been done by 22G coaxial needles (10 to 30 centimeter long) and under CT-control.

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