Imaging of Paranasal Sinuses, Focusing on Neoplastic Lesions


avatar Hashem Sharifian 1 , *

Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Amiraalam Hospital, Tehran, Iran

how to cite: Sharifian H. Imaging of Paranasal Sinuses, Focusing on Neoplastic Lesions. Innov J Radiol. 2017;14(Special Issue):e48358.


Dependency of clinicians and surgeons on imaging studies for primary evaluation of patients and also for follow up of them, significantly increased in recent years, parallel to advances in imaging methods and new imaging modalities. Regarding to these tips, it is important that we can use new concepts in conducting imaging to fulfill new requirements of clinicians and then provide sufficient data in our reports to answer their questions about the patient disease. Here I try to discuss different imaging modalities in evaluation of patients and how to design and conduct protocols to meet our needs in this era. Presentation of appropriate cases better shows the goal of this lecture.

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