Sonographic and Imaging of Grunulomatous Disease of Breast


avatar Ahmad Soltani Shirazi 1 , *

Jundishapour Univesity of Medical Sciences

how to cite: Soltani Shirazi A. Sonographic and Imaging of Grunulomatous Disease of Breast. Innov J Radiol. 2017;14(Special Issue):e48368.


Idiopathic lobular grunulomatous mastitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of Breast that can clinically mimic Brent carcinoma or pyogenic abscess. The most common clinical presentation is a fine unilateral discrete mass associated Inflammation of overlying skin. Nipple retraction and sinus formation are present. Breast TB should be considered in differential we present a few cause of our center with sonography findings and lab test data. The most common mammographic findings an asymmetric density or ill-defined mass. Ultrasound findings are variable irregular hypoecho mass and cyst with thick irregular wall. The cyst wall and septation show imageble flow on color Doppler images. Fistule formation with echogenic fluid and imageble flow of fistule ducts are seen in 60% of patient. In our cases 15% have ductal ectesia with abscess 85 % thick irregular wall multiple complex cysts and 65 % echogenic fluid collection and fistula tract.

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