Strenuous Exercise Induced Syncope Due to Coronary Artery Anomaly


avatar Veysel Yavuz 1 , avatar Nurulah Cetin 2 , * , avatar Esref Tuncer 3 , avatar Onur Dalgic 4 , avatar Ugur Taskin 5 , avatar Ali Riza Bilge 5 , avatar Hakan Tikiz 5

Cardiology Department, Akhisar State Hospital, Manisa, Turkey
Cardiology Department, Ercis State Hospital, Van, Turkey
Cardiology Department, Central Hospital, Izmir, Turkey
Cardiology Department, Turkan Ozilhan State Hospital, Izmir, Turkey
Cardiology Department, Celal Bayar University, Manisa, Turkey

how to cite: Yavuz V , Cetin N , Tuncer E , Dalgic O , Taskin U , et al. Strenuous Exercise Induced Syncope Due to Coronary Artery Anomaly. Int Cardiovasc Res J. 2014;8(3):e11105. 


Coronary artery anomalies are among the neglected topics in cardiology. Anomalous origin of the left main coronary artery from the right sinus of valsalva is a rare coronary anomaly observed in 0.15% of patients. During exercise, the distended aorta and pulmonary artery with increased blood flow may squeeze the Left Main Coronary Artery (LMCA) between them. Even though arrhythmias are common causes of syncope, one should also think about aberrant coronary artery in the patients with syncope of unexplained origin. Patients experiencing exercise induced syncope accompanied by symptoms of coronary ischemia (typically: chest pain, ischemic findings on ECG, and raised cardiac markers) should be referred to diagnostic coronary angiography.


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