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The effect of smoking on the sperm and male infertility


avatar Mohammad Mahboubi 1 , avatar Fariba Ghahramani 1 , *

1 Vice Chancellor for Research Affairs, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah, Iran

How to Cite: Mahboubi M, Ghahramani F. The effect of smoking on the sperm and male infertility. J Kermanshah Univ Med Sci. 2013;17(5):e77058.


Journal of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences: 17 (5); e77058
Published Online: August 29, 2013
Article Type: Research Article
Received: January 02, 2013
Accepted: May 28, 2013


Background: Male infertility may be due to various physiological and environmental factors. In this study the effects of smoking and semen quality of infertile men referred to Infertility Clinics of Shiraz were studied.
Methods: A case-control study was performed on 108 infertile men and 161 healthy men with normal fertility. The relationship between smoking and infertility was determined by the odds ratio and the average sperm count, sperm motility and number of abnormal sperm was compared by t-test. The relationship between smoking duration and number of cigarette used daily with the quantity of sperm was determined by linear regression.
Results: This study revealed that the possibility of infertility in men smokers was 1.5 times as much as non-smokers (OR= 1.5). Cigarette smoking per one year is created reduction rate of 800,000 in sperm count, and increased consumption of one cigarette per day is created 1% reduction sperm motility.
Conclusion: Smoking is a dangerous habit which can effect on sperm quality and quantity of male infertility. The results of this study can be effective for training programs.



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