The relationship of insulin resistance with adiponectin in adult males with mild to moderate asthma


avatar Mojtaba Izadi 1 , * , avatar Farzad Nazem 2 , avatar Homa Masrour 3 , avatar Davood Khorshidi 1

Dept. of Athletic Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Saveh, Iran
Dept. of Athletic Sciences, Boalisina University, Hamadan, Iran
Dept. of Internal Medicine, Islamic Azad University, Saveh, Iran

how to cite: Izadi M, Nazem F, Masrour H, Khorshidi D. The relationship of insulin resistance with adiponectin in adult males with mild to moderate asthma. J Kermanshah Univ Med Sci. 2012;16(3):e78802.


Background: Obesity and overweight are accompanied with insulin resistance markers and diagnosed as a metabolic risk factor in prevalence and develop the asthma severity. Regardless of biological role of inflammation markers in asthma, the effective mechanisms in relation to obesity and asthma are not fully understood.
Methods: This study investigates the relationship between insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) and adiponectin with respiratory clinical parameters in obese chronic asthma patients. Thirty nine obese adult males aged 35 – 50 years with mild to moderate asthma participated in this study voluntarily. Asthma and its severity were diagnosed by spirometry test. Blood sampling obtained for measuring baseline levels of serum adiponectin, glucose and insulin after 10-12 hours overnight fast. Insulin resistance calculated by fasting insulin and glucose. Pierson correlation used to determine the relationship between baseline adiponectin with insulin resistance and respiratory variables.
Results: A significantly positive correlation observed between serum adiponectin and FEV1/FVC (p = 0.001, R= 0.43). There was no significant relationship between plasma ghrelin and insulin resistance (p=0.446). Serum adiponectin also was not correlated with fasting glucose concentration (p = 0.421).
Conclusion: The results demonstrated that, regardless of a closely correlation between obesity and insulin resistance, adiponectin role as anti-inflammatory cytokine in FEV1/FVC in asthma patients is independent of insulin resistance. Future studies are necessary for diagnosis insulin resistance role as an asthma risk factor in children or adults.



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