Relationship between job stress and resiliency with occupational burnout among nurses


avatar Iraj Shakerinia 1 , * , avatar Mehri Mohammadpour 1

Dept. of Psychology, School of Human Sciences, The University of Gilan, Rasht, Iran

how to cite: Shakerinia I, Mohammadpour M. Relationship between job stress and resiliency with occupational burnout among nurses. J Kermanshah Univ Med Sci. 2010;14(2):e79518.


Background: Nursing is a stressful job that has serious consequences to create physical and psychological disorders. The Present study examined relation between job stress and resiliency with burnout among nurses in Rasht state hospitals.
Methods: 124 experiensed nurses who have been working in emergency, surgery, gynecology, pediatric and cardiology wards were studied. Data was collected using demographic Job Stress, Resiliency, and Burnout questionnaires.  Correlation, ANOVA, tukey and regression analysis applied using SPSS-16 soft ware.
Results: The findings declared that there was a significant positive correlation between job stresses and nurses burnout. There was a negative relationship between job stresses and nurses burnout with resiliency. The regression analysis declares that variables such as age, strain, endurance and nurses working wards were able to predict nurses’ burnout. The comparison between average rate of job stress and burnout declared that there was not a significant difference among nurses who working at cardiology and pediatric, but there was a significant difference among the nurses who work at emergency and gynecology wards.
Conclusions: Resiliency is a strong variable to decrease stress and burnout in nursing. In order to improve their resiliency to combat with job stresses and burnout, it is suggested to include resiliency treaning couses during nursing education in colleges.



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