Blood Pressure Determinants in Shiraz School Children


avatar mohammad Taghi Ayatollahi 1 , * , avatar M Zare’a 1


how to cite: Ayatollahi M T, Zare’a M. Blood Pressure Determinants in Shiraz School Children. J Kermanshah Univ Med Sci. 2008;11(4):e80448.


Introduction: Hypertension (HTN) is one of the most common risk factors of cardiovascular diseases in adults and it is clear that HTN in adults starts from the childhood. Cardiovascular diseases in adults can be decreased by determining and controlling risk factors on blood pressure (BP) in children. This study evaluated & investigated the risk factors & determinants respecting blood pressure in school children in Shiraz province.
Materials and Methods: 1244 school children (663 boys and 581 girls) were chosen in a cross - sectional study by using multistage random sampling. Height, weight and diastolic & systolic BP in children and their parents' BP were measured by using standardized methods.
The other data was obtained by using questionnaire & the manner of interviewing. The data was analyzed by using statistical partial unity manners & multiplex linear regression.
Results: It was shown that systolic BP (SBP) in children was affected by height, body mass index (BMI) living district and their parents' (SBP), but children's diastolic BP (DBP) was just affected by height,( BMI) and living district.
Conclusion: The amount of BP in children is not affected by age but affected by height and (BMI). Therefore, HTN in adults can be prevented by controlling obesity in childhood. Meanwhile, children with a history of HTN in their families and a history of environmental stresses and the other risk factors in relation with HTN should be nursed & observed so as to control or delete these risk factors until having healthy adults in terms of cardiovascular health in the future.


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